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The inspiration for starting and naming Nadopasana came from Upasana, the premier cultural institution in Thodupuzha, founded by Fr. Albert Nambiaparambil, CMI. During construction of the commercial complex of Jyothi Super Bazar at the very heart of the town, Fr. Nambiaparambil convinced the members of the Carmel Monastery, Vazhakkulam to set apart a considerable amount of space for public service to the local community. Upasana and Nadopasana function at the prime space provided freely by the Monastery. The members and benefactors of Upasana and Nadopasana continue to draw their inspiration from the founding Fathers of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) who reached out to different communities in Kerala irrespective of caste, class or creed.

Fr. Joseph Palackal, CMI, while working as Dean of Studies at Kalabhavan, Kochi, proposed the idea of a new musical movement based in Thodupuzha, and started Nadopasana with the help of Sunny Vempillil, an accomplished musician and composer. Soon, Fr. Antony Urulianickal, CMI joined the team after his music studies at M. S. University, Baroda. The trio received unstinted support from Fr. Joachim Puzhakkara, CMI, Prior of Carmel Monastery, and Fr. Romeo Pattassery, CMI (1934-2011). Jerry Amaldev, the award-winning film music director, extended his whole hearted support. Initially, Sunny Vempillil’s business office at Jyothi Super Bazar provided space for the meeting of minds and musical ideas, and became the birthplace of several compositions that set the tone and direction of Nadopasana.

Fr. Antony Urulianickal, CMI took charge as Director in 1987. His extraordinary talents as singer and composer became an asset to Nadopasana. Fr. Urulianickal added new dimensions to Nadopasana by starting music classes for guitar, violin and keyboard; he also embarked on an intense programme of composing Christian devotional songs for commercial releases. These songs carried the fame of Nadopasana beyond the boundaries of Kerala. Fr. Kurian Puthenpurackal, CMI, a singer and composer, served as Director from 2001 to 2008. With his excellent managerial skills, Fr. Kurian extended the activities of Nadopasana by starting dance classes; he also equipped the Nadopasana choir with a professional sound system and a modern keyboard. Fr. Urulianickal resumed directorship in May 2008 and continue to guide the manifold activities of Nadopasana, some of which are listed below. Since the beginning, Sunny Vempillil has been serving as Secretary, and Jaison Joseph as Officer-in-charge.


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