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About Nadopasana

From its humble beginning at Thodupuzha in 1986, Nadopasana has grown in the last quarter of a century to a recognizable name on the cultural map of Kerala. Envisioned more as a movement than an institution, Nadopasana endeavors to:

  •  Spread music literacy among the general public
  •  Impart training in liturgical music to church choirs with emphasis on choral singing
  •  Explore the emotive power of human voice in communal singing
  •  Further enrich Indian culture by expanding a Christian classical music and dance repertoire
  •  Develop music and dance as tools for community building
  •  Provide a platform for singers to express national pride through patriotic songs
  •  And, above all, encourage an intellectual approach to music among the youngsters

In order to achieve these goals, Nadopasana conducts regular classes in vocal and instrumental music and dance, organizes workshops and music appreciation courses on and off the campus, provides weekend music retreats for church choirs, schedules performances by veteran artists, encourages experimental compositions, collects books and audio visual materials on performing arts, and arranges commercial releases of albums and television programmes.


Vision for the Future
Nadopasana looks forward to providing intellectual leadership in the field of music and other performing arts in Thodupuzha and Kerala by creating a congenial space for exploring and experimenting new ideas and assisting budding scholars in their pursuit for research.


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