Commercial releases

Commercial releases

Commercial releases of Christian liturgical and devotional songs became the carrier of Nadopasana’s fame beyond the boundaries of Kerala and India. Nadopasana has produced more than twenty albums of Christian devotional songs. Some of these songs are currently in circulation among Kerala Christian communities around the world. Famous singers and lyric writers of Christian devotional songs in Malayalam have participated in these projects. Besides, Nadopasana contributes devotional and inspirational songs to Rex Band, Christeen and other Christian ensembles and retreat centers.

Commercial Releases
Cassettes and CDs (Spiritual Songs)

1 Patheyam  1987
2 Yagavediyil  1988
3 Kudumbageethangal  1988 (I Edition)
4 Arathi  1992
5 Thrikkaikalil 1994
6 Thrikkaikalil (Kannada) 1995
7 Thejas  1998
8 Thrikkaikalil (Telugu) 2001
9 Beliyekuvan 2006
10 Kudumbageethangal 2012 (New Edition)


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